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Pebbledashing is an exterior coating that will last a number of years.  It consists of lime or cement mixed with sand and pebbles. K-rend can also be used as a dash receiver, all of which come in a number of colours All existing defective render or pebbledash is stripped back to the brickwork. The walls are then cleaned of dust and dirt.A scratch coat of polymer render with a waterproofed chemical. It is  then applied as a base coat. Then a top coat of dash receiver is applied and aggregate (pebbles) is cast into the top coat.


Established in 2006 and based in Hemel Hempstead with over 30 years experience, VFM Textured Coatings specialise in exterior wall repairs and wall refurbishment’ specialists in spray applied exterior wall coatings, external wall repairs, and all render finishes, smooth to roughcast, for

Hertfordshire - Bedfordshire - Buckinghamshire - Surrey - Essex


Textured wall coatings and other services

Exterior Coatings

Almost Any exterior wall can be treated and protected with our wall coating system. VFM Textured Coatings use durable long life paints ....Read More

Tyrolean Cement Spray

VFM Textured Coatings specialise use Tyrolean Cement Spray in all exterior wall repairs and wall refurbishment....Read More

Before & After

Check out our before and after gallery for exterior wall repairs and wall refurbishment services...Read More

How it Works

Our textured coatings have been tested and provide major benefits, No repeat decoration bills every 4 years ...Read More

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